About Us

A natural skincare microbrewery

Raw Naturals Brewing Company is a new, unique grooming line from Recipe for men. A distinct natural profile runs through the entire product range - from manufacturing processes and key ingredients to conceptualisation and packaging design. The identity of the brand is based on local production, environmental awareness, and an experience of genuine small scale production. Raw Naturals Brewing Company is supposed to remind of a microbrewery for skincare – just as the name suggests. The line includes products for face and body care, with an emphasis on the modern grooming routine where beard care often plays a very central part. All products are manufactured and developed in Sweden - in our own state-of-the-art production facilities in Falun. Our dedicated staff lay down their souls in the production processes to ensure that each individual product keeps what it promises. Raw Naturals core values are mirrored in all our products. This means that quality and credibility are at the heart of everything we do.

A natural profile

Raw Naturals is characterised by its natural profile – from processes, ingredients, and formulas to packaging design, and product descriptions. We combine caring ingredients of vegetable origin with natural oils from oats, coconut and olives, as well as natural honey extracts. The cleansing products are completely sulphate free and contain natural cleansing agents from apple. We have consistently chosen preservatives approved by Ecocert. The formulas are optimised to be as natural as possible while still fulfilling the high requirements on quality, skin-friendliness and efficiency that Recipe for men stands for.

Quality and credibility

We focus on actual skincare issues, problem solving, tangible results and visible effects, rather than the latest skincare trends. We always strive to be at the forefront of research - but with an honest and humble approach.

Tested in the toughest conditions

Look at the picture and think about Swedish winter for a while. Now, imagine how your skin must feel after a full day outdoors - or just a short walk on the town. Yes you’re right. Skin feels dry as dust, and it’s virtually screaming for moisture. We know that feeling. That’s why all Raw Naturals products are duly tested in weather conditions that your skin hates.The result is a unique skincare line with truly exceptional moisturising properties. The moral of the story is simple: What works here, works anywhere.

Relaxed and free from stereotypes

We are targeting a conscious male customer. Our communication is serious - but with a humorous undertone, where we try to cut down on the most obvious buzzwords. A first class skin care range for men should be relaxed, instructive, easy-to-understand, and keep what it promises. Our motto is “logical skincare, and no fuzz”.

Minimal environmental impact

In order to minimise environmental impact, we consistently use environmentally friendly, renewable, natural and local alternatives in our processes.