Raising awareness of men’s mental health

At Raw Naturals we’re all about caring skincare – using the most hard-working natural ingredients that gently and effectively cleanse, moisturise, and look after skin. Because caring is at our core, we’re delighted to announce our partnership with the fantastic men’s mental health charity The Lions Barber Collective. As their official skincare partner, we’ll be supporting them to raise awareness of men’s mental health issues and run training programmes for their growing network of UK barbers.
Having lost a close friend to suicide, The Lions Barber Collective founder, renowned barber Tom Chapman, recognised the extent of the crisis of men’s mental health. He also realised the potential of the unspoken bond of trust between barber and client.  The connection a barber can make with the man seated in their salon chair can sometimes reveal signs that could indicate deteriorating mental health.  This early detection can enable the collective’s trained barbers to guide their clients towards vital support that could save lives.
The collective provides barbers with the training, skills and the confidence to help men struggling with depression and anxiety. Importantly, The Lions Barber Collective works with barbers to demonstrate how to listen with empathy and without judgement.  The training programme teaches barbers how to then guide their clients to the existing support resources available. Partnering with Public Health UK on the SafeTalk suicide prevention training, The Lions Barber Collective has set up a programme of BarberTalk Live events and the BarberTalk Lite on-line training platforms to provide barbers with the skills and knowledge to help their clients by recognising signs of concern, giving them the ability to ask them the right questions with care and then support clients with guidance on how and where to seek support. 
Here at Raw Naturals we couldn’t be prouder to be working with such a fantastic charity & to be doing our bit to raise awareness about men’s mental health & reducing the stigma of speaking out and seeking support. Keep your eyes peeled on our Instagram @RawNaturalsUK for more exciting news about the partnership.
For more information about The Lions Barber Collective or to benefit from their training themselves, head to their website: https://www.thelionsbarbercollective.com/
If you are currently struggling with your own mental health or are worried about a loved one, the NHS offer information about national helplines which can offer support & expert advice: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/stress-anxiety-depression/mental-health-helplines/
shaun christie